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Thursday, 25 October 2007


15 Unreleased songs and b-sides from the Sandpeople crew!
Heavy beats, grimey raps...

produced by sapient and simple

1. Sayin Damn (ft. Onlyone/Sapient/Illmaculate/Ethic/Mo-B)
2. White Van Cometh (ft. Simple)
3. Penstroke (ft. Sapient/Onlyone/Al-One/Ethic/Illmaculate)
4. Bed Of Flames (ft. Illmaculate)
5. Face In The Clouds (ft. Sapient/Onlyone/Gold)
6. Whistle (ft. Onlyone)
7. W.W.W.D. (ft. Illmaculate/Onlyone/Mo-B)
8. How Come (ft. Sapient)
9. Beef In A Wrap (ft. Al-One)
10. Rightfully So (ft. Simple/Mo-B/Illmaculate/Onlyone)
11. Exceed Capacity (ft. Iame)
12. Move On (ft. Gold)
13. Turn Of The Century (ft. Ethic/Sapient/Qwel)
14. Paperwork (ft. Mo-B/Al-One/Illmaculate/Onlyone/Simple)
15. Together (ft. Sapient)


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