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Sunday, 25 November 2007

wax_tailor-positively_inclined the_way_we_lived-digipak-2007


track title time

01. positively inclined 03:42
(feat. marina quaisse & a state of mind)
02. the way we lived (feat. sharon jones) 03:44
03. positively inclined (novel yom remix) 03:40
04. the way we lived (benji remix) 03:52
05. positively inclined (berry weight remix) 04:26
06. the way we lived (instrumental version) 03:39

Runtime 23:03 min
Size 31,2 MB

Release Notes:

New single CD from Wax Tailor, including remixes from
Novel Yom, Benji, Berry Weight.

Enjoy and buy it if you like it !
and delete it if u don't!

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