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Wednesday, 5 December 2007


Title [Contaminate ]
Artist [Diemen X ]
Label [Groove-A-Lot Recs ] Genre [Hip-Hop ]
Quality/Size [44,1 @VBR 36,0 MB] Ripped [12-02-2007 ]
Grabbed from [Vinyl ] Enc [Lame 3.97 ]
Website [n/a ]

Track Time Title

01 03:29 Contaminate (Radio)
02 03:51 Contaminate (Dirty)
03 03:47 Contaminate (Instrumental)
04 03:00 Contaminate (Accapella)
05 02:51 Chosen Are Few (Dirty)
06 02:39 Chosen Are Few (Instrumental)
07 02:46 Chosen Are Few (Accapella)
08 03:50 Ninty Sixness
08 26:13 min

Release Notes:

"Contaminate" produced by Me-Shack
"Chosen Are Few" produced by Madlock
"Ninty Sixness" produces by Born Swiff, member of Da Grass

dope 12inch
"Ninty Sixness" is one of my faves in general


qnzgrimiest said...

i feel the same ninety sixness is the best track, i was playin that shit in my whip, i have an acura legend, for some reason i feel like im in the 90's anytime i play ol school hip hop in my whip, sounds corny i know but the music i play fits the car, but any ways back to the song it has a real grimy ominous feel to it, i love beats like this it, has that boiler room feel to it

bigsd said...

thanx for your great blog. that´s da music that we wanna hear. i´m 33years old and a big fan of the rap music of the 90´s.
regards from germany

humbert said...

thx...every time its cool to see that peeps are enjoying n feeling the music and whats behind this blog...p'Z

humbert said...

germany...the place of good taste heh

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