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Sunday, 6 January 2008


01.Intro [00:47]
02.Bank Statements [04:25]
03.Metaforenzics [04:30]
04.Chronicals Of [00:31]
05.Dissent [06:13]
06.Home Team [01:00]
07.Hell Frozen [04:48]
08.Over [04:58]
09.Blevations [07:37]
10.Outro [03:23]
38:12 min

Rhymes By T0p.R
Everything Else By... N0nPhen0m

Nice one

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Rhyme Crimes/Tha Chillout said...

I produced TOPR'S last album "Cheap laughs for dead comedians" his whole catalog is on itunes including the donut huslaz release.Check up out