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Wednesday, 21 November 2007


New Jean Grae sucks !
So why not
check out this dope Female MC !

01 00:11 Indigenius Intro
02 04:55 Revolution Of 2033 A Love Story Ft Shock B
03 03:46 Hip Hop Is The Way
04 05:14 Pop Pop
05 02:48 Bang It Low Ft POS and Spikaboxx
06 03:25 Criminal Limeric
07 04:20 Cheap Dynamite
08 03:36 Join The Dead Ft Ninja Gator
09 00:09 Indigenius Interlude
10 04:05 Bravery
11 03:48 Dear Lord
12 03:18 Kona Smoke
13 04:29 XOX TNT
14 03:52 Underdog
15 00:05 Eli
16 03:09 World Wide Strike
17 03:48 What Do Ft Bloody Black Eyes
17 54:58 min

Production by Bean 1, Ninja Gator, POS, and Laser Beak of

Indigo is a Hip Hop Emcee, Songwriter, Singer, and Activist.
Born in St. Paul Minnesota by the mighty banks of the
Mississippi, she began her music career as a child writing
songs at the young age of 8. Raised in broken homes and
living in over 30 places by the time she was 21, her music
is expressive of real life issues and situations that are
easily identifiable but difficult to diagnose. Indigos
music has been described as food for thought, with desert
included. The City Pages full page article on Indigo is
quoted as saying like her personality, Indigos music is
full of sass. With lyrical swoons and provocative spits, her
album oozes a sexuality that comes across as confident and

Get it !
(buy it if you like it)

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