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Monday, 19 November 2007


East Side Magic A project animated, killed and then re-animated by
the minds of Vancouver underground rappers Lithium and Bizoid the
Android, East Side Magic stands as a sonic showcase of true
Canadian Westcoast Hip-Hop.

Born and raised in British Columbia, both rappers seek to thwart
the impending rap apocalypse by shocking the senses back into the
walking dead and techno drones.

The release of their self-titled debut album East Side Magic is
amalgamate crazy, clever and cocksure lyrics with trauma-inducing
beats courtesy of Lithium himself. With hints of punk and the
asiatic, East Side Magic invents and honours the present and
future Vancouver soundscape. Amongst the album's highlights are
Albertan crooner turned rapper turned ESM representah, Nekkbone
and Chilliwack's hydroponically grown, Logical.

As well, Vancouver Gastown's DJ Phonograff makes an appearance on
a few choice cuts that sees him scratching at his fastest and

Completely self-produced, East Side Magic honours the truth and
effort of underground rap. Available now so holler at these kats
and purchase a cd.

APT Brings you another crazy off the wall release
thanx to Lithium for having this dropped from him.

01. Introduction 00:33
02. Shit on Me 02:06
03. The Professors Feat Nekk Bone & the Phonograff 04:26
04. Rhymes Pay Feat the Phonograff 02:57
05. Youre Mine Feat Nekk Bone 05:10
06. Better Take Notice Feat Logical & the Phonograff 03:02
07. Shit this Shits Gonna Make You 04:07
08. Egg Foo Yung Feat Nekk Bone & the Phonograff 04:30
09. Lucky Daze Feat R O K & S O S 03:18
10. Runners Feat Nekk Bone 03:17
11. Back to My Crib 03:27
12. Yall Aint Ready for this Feat Logical 02:14
13. Moon Light Feat Ro K 03:34


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